FBI’s Andrew McCabe, “wife getting money from (Clinton Puppet), he allegedly used his FBI Official Email Account to promote her campaign. People who were investigating Hillary Clinton.” Even Madoff knows fraud in the FBI whether it is McCabe or others covering up, spoliation of documents, committing treason knowingly, violating the laws.


In Palm Beach Florida with White Collar Crime. Congressman Ted Deutch trying to protect Dr. Joseph Smith, Trustee, Beneficiary, PR, Executor wrote Jeffrey Sallet, Acting Deputy Assist. Dir. ignored and spoliation incriminating documents, and numerous Certified Fed. Mail Documents to FBI Duty Office.  Robert L. Smith, Paul Smith, and Robert J. Hunt, attorney continue embezzlement, fraud of 100 million dollar theft, conspiracy leading to Harold Smith’s death and embezzlement of his Trust, owner of Party Goods Warehouse, Inc. selling Party Supplies in Publix.  Publix, Todd Jones, CEO knowingly assists in a money laundering conspiracy which led to the death of Harold Smith, good friend of Publix Founder, George Jenkins. Robert Smith, Jupiter FL disinherited from Trust is controlling all the stolen assets embezzling Dr. Joseph Smith the only legal heir.

Call: 561-317-8449

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